Berry Beam

On private and public car parks Berry Beam provides a neat and slimline barrier (only 100mm wide), that offers the same levels of protection as the Barrier Rail (Armco). When mounted on spring steel buffers or Flexi-Posts, the Berry Beam provides a more flexible barrier, moving back on impact and reducing damage to vehicle structure.

For multi-storey car park applications the following post centres are recommended to comply with BS6399 part 1 - Design Loading for Buildings. Perimeter Situations (single force) 1500mm post centres. End of Run Situations (twice force) 750mm post centres. For Industrial Applications: either 1500mm or 3000mm post centres.

Can be mounted on:

  • RB1X Spring Steel Buffers
  • GH Spring Steel Buffers
  • Flexi-Posts
  • P224 Rigid Posts