Warehouse Rail

The lighter duty Warehouse Rail design is best used when defending againgst lighter weight pallet movers at low speeds. Feet can be turned either way to suit your needs.

4m Warehouse Rail
4 metre length of Berry Systems’ Warehouse Rail can be mounted on spring steel buffers to provide protection from glancing blow from all types of pallet movers at low speed. Recommended maximum post centres = 1500mm. A minimum of 4 spring steel buffers is required for a single length of warehouse rail.
Warehouse Rail 90 Degree bend section
Warehouse rail pre-formed to a 90 degree bend section. Fits to either end of a standard rail or other bend section to create a protected corner.
Warehouse Rail quarter bend terminal
A short section of warehouse rail with a rounded end section to avoid an exposed end facing the traffic flow. Plastic End Caps (shown on drawing) not included but available separately.
Mini Warehouse Buffa
A low-level (235mm from Floor) Steel Solution, designed to absorb light impact at low speeds.
Mini Warehouse Buffa Plus
Available in single or double height (for extra protection), this 610mm high system gives proitection from glancing blows at low speeds using the smaller profile Warehouse Rail.