RB1X Spring Steel Buffers

The RB1X Flexible Spring Steel Buffer offers an economical footprint and the deflection can be contained within the barrier area by reducing post centres.

A base plate can be used, if required, to spread the impact load on the buffer over a wider surface area to avoid damage to the substrate and to assist in levelling the buffer installation on un-even surfaces.


  • Single Anchor Fixing
  • Reduced Loading Into Slab
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Available with Handrail and Mesh
  • Eurocode Compliant System
  • Can be used for all Car Park Applications
  • Shallow Embedment Available
  • Standard and twice force available

RB1X Spring Steel Buffers come in different varieties:

Available WithPost Thickness
Berry Beam
Barrier A Rail(Armco)
Open Box Beam ✔ 



BS6180 Restraint Strap

The full compliance required under BS6180 is facilitated through the Berry Systems patented restraint strap. The innovative design offers limited handrail deflection under pedestrian loading whilst not compromising the beneficial flexibility of the spring steel posts utilised under full vehicle impact loading.


We can provide bespoke posts to suit your requirements, please contact our sales department for further info and discuss your needs.