RB1 Spring Steel Buffers


The RB1 buffer has a small footprint in the parking bay and overall parking length is only reduced by the 100mm depth of the barrier. Sufficient free space must be available behind for barrier deflection.

A base plate can be used, if required, to spread the impact load on the buffer over a wider surface area to avoid damage to the substrate and to assist in levelling the buffer installation on un-even surfaces.


  • Single Anchor Fixing
  • Reduced Loading Into Slab
  • Reduced Installation Time
  • Available with Handrail and Mesh
  • Eurocode Compliant System
  • Can be used for all Car Park Applications
  • Suitable for Split Level
  • Suitable for Ramps
  • Shallow Embedment Available

RB1 Spring Steel Buffers come in three different varieties:

Available WithPost Thickness
Berry Beam
Barrier A Rail(Armco)
Open Box Beam  




We can provide bespoke posts and centre spacing’s to suit your requirements, please contact the sales department for further info and discuss your needs.